Italy 11/30

Greetings for the last time from another continent! It’s our last night on land. Tomorrow we get on the cruise ship to head back to the US. Since our last post, we mostly have been relaxing and hiking in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy. We met a nice couple from New Zealand who were gracious enough to cook us sunset dinners several evenings. We drank way too much wine watching the light fade across the sea. From Riomaggiore, we headed up to Milan to do some shopping and see the sights. A Milan bonus was our viewing of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It was a sight to behold. After Milan we were off to Venice to meet up with some friends, Andy and Becky from Green Bay, who took the train from Munich, Germany. Venice was filled with aimless wanderings. The alleys and canals all looked the same after a while. Maps were useless. Florence was next. The weather didn’t cooperate so much, so museums filled the rainy days. After Florence, we were back to Rome. We saved a few things to see and do with Andy and Becky. The Sistine Chapel was the highlight. 500 years ago Michelangelo spent several years on his back painting it. Truly amazing! This trip has been outstanding! We can’t believe it’s almost over. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back home. See you all soon. Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy.

Many sunsets like this with our friends from New Zealand, Alison and Bill in Riomaggiore.

The vineyards of The Cinque Terre.

The Duomo in Milan.

The Last Supper painting is in the Refectory of this church.

We weren’t able to take a photo of the actual painting, so here is a replica.

Exploring Venice with Andy and Becky.

The fog made Venice a bit erie, but enjoyable. The Rialto Bridge.

St. Mark’s Square.

Gondolas on the Grand Canal.

The weather in Florence broke long enough to see the surroundings.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence.

The view of St. Peter’s Basilica from the Vatican Museum.

A smuggled photo of the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Don’t tell anyone…

The view of Rome from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. 551 steps…

The Swiss guards in the Vatican City…nice pants…

Ok. Off to bed. The cruise ship waits for nobody.
Ciao Ciao from Italy.


2 thoughts on “Italy 11/30

  1. Brad The training schedule I found was on It is a 16 week plan. The race is may 19th. My thought is to run week 1 and 2 a few times before starting. Let me know what you think. See you in a few weeks 😃 Jillian

  2. Love the pictures. I miss Italy. Anika and I are enjoying the pictures. She can not wait to see you guys. I just noticed a post above. Brad are you planning to run a marathon. If so “SWEET”.

    No snow in Green Bay. YET!!!

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