Argentina & Chile 4/16

It was just before Easter weekend when we left Asuncion, Paraguay and headed for Cordoba, Argentina. 17 hours on an overnight bus wasn’t as bad as you might think. The seats went almost all the way back and had leg rests. When we arrived in Cordoba, we rented an apartment for a few days.

We went to Easter service (all in Spanish, of course) at this church.20120416-145109.jpg
We enjoyed our Easter empanadas (tough to find a ham down here)

After a few days in Cordoba, we caught another overnight bus to Mendoza, Argentina.20120416-145153.jpg
Mendoza is the wine region of Argentina. We toured a few vineyards and sampled their wines…


…at our own pace on two wheels.

Mendoza was nice, but we were looking forward to Chile, so we caught another bus to take us through the Andes Mountains and into Santiago, Chile.

Just a few switchbacks on the trip down from the border crossing near the ski resort of Portillo, Chile.

We have been seeing the sights in Santiago for a few days now. We took the funicular up the local mountain for a better view from the top.

A market in downtown Santiago.

A park in Santiago. Santiago is surrounded by mountains. You can almost see them through the smog.

We don’t leave for New Zealand until April 25 (Jenny’s birthday), so we are going to head to Valparaiso, Chile (on the coast) for a couple days before returning back to Santiago.
Adios, ciao


2 thoughts on “Argentina & Chile 4/16

  1. I love your posts – keep them coming! I think of you both often and hope you are doing well. The pictures you are sharing are amazing!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY – YESTERDAY! It was a birthday you won’t forget I bet! We think of you and Brad everyday and so enjoy your blog! I do have some distant relatives in Finland for you – when you get closer! Safe journeys – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Aunt Barbara & Co.

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